Hikers Center Guidelines Spring 2021

Guidelines for the Hikers Center as of March 2021

  • Social distancing and masks required while inside the Hiker’s Center. 
  • Use hand sanitizer when entering and leaving the Center. 
  • Keep the window open for ventilation.
  • As per the ATC’s guidelines, no sleeping is allowed in the bunk room.  Please use your tent or the lean-to in the back as your personal safe shelter. Hammocks could be hung outside between trees and below the porch.
  • Please use the disposable towels on the table for your bathing needs.  There is no towel service at this time.
  • It is your responsibility to disinfect all surfaces —shower, sink, toilet after use, as well as general cleaning of the Center. Unlike in years past, we are not asking volunteers to come in daily to vacuum and clean.
  • AA has meetings in Fellowship House on Sundays andWednesday nights—you are welcome to attend.  The back porch of the Fellowship House can be used for socializing space except during these times. 

* Smoking is allowed only in the back parking area, by the basketball hoop.